A Short Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are increasingly offering attractive bonuses that can make you rich but also get confusing. Here’s a primer on the online casino bonuses and how to use them.

Bonus types

No Deposit Bonus - You can get this bonus by registering a real players account at the casino offering this bonus without making any deposit. But there might be some strings attached like you might not be able to withdraw the complete amount or some casinos might require you to make a token deposit before withdrawal.

Free Spins Bonus – This is the best bonus offered where you will get to spin unlimited reels of any online slot machine without betting the money. If you are looking for one of the best free spins bonuses NZ, visit any reputed casino.

Match Bonus – When you make a deposit, some casinos offer a match bonus, which could be either an exact match or a certain proportion of your total deposit. It’s mostly offered to new players. Let’s say, if you deposit $100, you will receive $100 in bonus money that can give you $200 to play.

Welcome/Sign Up Bonus – Players can get this bonus right away when they sign up. Plus, you can get welcome bonuses at multiple casinos.

Free Money Bonus – This is an open bonus offered by some casinos that could be a bit larger than your initial deposit. Let’s say, some casinos will pay you $80 on a deposit of $20. So, you will get $100 to play.

Exclusive Bonus – As the name says, this bonus is offered only at exclusive online casinos. But this comes attached with strings, so it’s wise to read the terms and conditions before opting for it.

Loyalty Bonus – Once the players become most favored at any casino based on their number of winnings or bets, most of the casinos offer them a loyalty bonus. The amounts will vary and so does the terms and conditions.

How does casino bonus work?

All bonuses work on the percentage amount that refers to how much of your deposit amount the casino will return in the form of cash. Usually, this number is in the range of 50-200%. And under the terms of most of the bonuses, the number is usually preceded by “up to,” which refers to the maximum amount you will get back for making a real money deposit.


Online bonuses are one of the easiest ways to increase your chances of making more money at online casinos. But you need to read the fine print carefully and take help of the casino support teams to maximize your winnings.

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