Using American Express in Online Casinos

When playing in online casinos, the question regarding payment is commonly raised. How can the player gamble in a safe and secure manner that is also convenient for them? The answer to this is the American Express credit card or AMEX.


AMEX is a fast and reliable method of depositing money into the online casino account. When the player first deposits money, all he has to do is log into the site and click on the cashier button. This will bring up a list of deposit options, with AMEX being one of them. The best AMEX casino sites in New Zealand include Leo Vegas, Mummy’s Gold, Jackpot City, and Royal Panda. These websites are user-friendly and geared towards the AMEX as the payment option.


The advantages of gambling with American Express is that there are no additional fees when paying at an online casino. The card is also globally accepted, which is beneficial when playing in international online casinos that accept players from New Zealand. Another benefit of using AMEX is that you can deposit funds into the casinos right away. There is no waiting period, even if you do not have all the funds available to you at that time.


AMEX is one of the safest methods of payment in online casinos. However, like all credit cards, it does still run the risk of security being compromised, which is one of its disadvantages. If the player has a virus on their computer, they run a larger risk of getting their credit card number and information hacked. Another disadvantage to AMEX is that it cannot be used to withdraw funds from the online casino. This needs to be done in some other form. It is best to sort out how you will be withdrawing the funds before you make your deposit, and you can do so by contacting a customer representative of the online casino.


Some of the most highly rated and best casinos online recommend AMEX as the payment of choice for players. The ease of access makes it a favourite of many. The American Express company is very large, so they will have plenty of support options available to a player if they happen to come across any difficulty.

Overall, AMEX is a good choice if a player is wondering about a dependable way to gamble in an online casino. There are both risks and rewards of using AMEX, but the benefits are very substantial for the player.

Wellington, New Zealand