Why James Bond Chooses Baccarat

In popular culture, baccarat has always conjured up images of James Bond playing it up in the movies GoldenEye, Thunderball, Dr. No, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Online baccarat has taken off in a big way as there is no need to remember a lot of complicated rules or side bets. Let’s find all about the game that’s trending at all the
popular baccarat online casinos in New Zealand.


It involves limited decision-making. You must place a bet on either of the two hands – the “player” or the “banker.” The endgame is to be as close as possible to the number nine without exceeding it. A maximum of 14 players can play at a time. The dealer will deal only two hands face down; first hand will be for the player and second for the banker, except for some situations where the dealer deals a third hand. Your job is only to decide how much you’d like to bet and how much you’d like to place. If both banker and player have cards of equal value, it results in a tie and the game is over.

Value of cards

Before you start to play, you need to know the point value that each card carries.

All the cards with pictures - queen, king, joker and tens - count as 0 while aces are counted as 1. All the numerical cards from 2-9 are equal to their face value. A golden rule is that all the suits cards (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) are not relevant when it comes to the card value. If you get points 8 or 9, you win the game unless your dealer also has the same value. If you get any other value, the dealer might deal you a third card, which depends on some pre-determined rules.


If you bet on the player hand and win, you will get an even money payout while a win on the banker’s hand requires you to pay a 5% commission back to the baccarat casino. If you bet on the Tie, you are eligible to get 8/1 payout. However, it rarely happens.

Baccarat variants

Mini baccarat – It’s a smaller version where smaller stakes are played at a smaller table, making it perfect for new players.

Live dealer baccarat – Players can play against a real dealer. All the proceedings can be watched via the casino's webcam. The dealer also answers player questions via chat in real-time.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing game, try online baccarat in New Zealand casinos today. It’s the top choice of the 007, why not yours?

Wellington, New Zealand