Why I Recommend to Try Scratch Cards

When I was young, I’d often buy scratch cards to win goodies. Even a child can play scratch cards. No wonder, you find so many scratch card players at casinos.

Scratch cards are basically cardboard cards that you have to scratch to reveal the hidden data; it could be either winning numbers or goodies.

How to play scratch cards online?

The online scratch cards have the audio and visual effects added in along with some bonus elements to boot. These games also offer jackpots of big amounts. And the best part is you can play scratch cards online anywhere!

To start, simply purchase a scratch card from a selection of cards, available in various themes. With your mouse, rub the cursor across the ticket to reveal the symbols that you are going to need to win a prize.

How to win?

Scratch cards are considered a game of pure luck. But, you can maximize your chances of winning by following few tips:

  • Always choose scratch cards from reputable game producers like Microgaming, which comes with a high RTP.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of buying a lot of cheap cards over higher prized cards as the cheaper ones also have a lower prize pool.
  • Read the fine print on the cards to understand your odds of winning on that card.
  • Understand the rules carefully as different scratch cards might require players to scratch different areas and any mistake on your part can cost you a win.
  • If the bigger prizes have been won already, you can skip that card and take a chance on another one.
  • Stick to your budget as reasonable gambling is good in the long run.

Odds of scratch cards

With online scratch cards, you can see your odds of winning beforehand. For example, the odds of 2 in 1 implies that if you buy two cards, only one will include a prize.

And that is determined by the RNG. So, if you opt for longer play sessions, you maximize your chances of winning.


Scratch cards are fun and extremely rewarding if played the right way. Visit all the major New Zealand online casinos today to try your luck.

Wellington, New Zealand