Online Gambling with Mastercard: Pros vs Cons

China has a very tight grip on access to its domestic market, yet Mastercard was the first payment card to be issued in the country in 1988. Such is the power of the brand as a universal payment method.

You can shop, book travel, make payments, even gamble with Mastercard! Yes, that’s right. If you look around, you will find various NZ online casinos that accept Mastercard. But is it a viable option? We help you make an informed choice.


There a lot of benefits to using Mastercard at any online casinos NZ:

  • You can be in and out in a jiffy - just kidding! Deposits using Mastercard is super-fast and takes only a couple of minutes. You can also withdraw cash, but you’ll be charged interest.
  • Another bonus element is the fabulous bonus offers you can avail at any Mastercard casinos or any online or offline stores. The best part is Mastercard also offers you protection against card theft or damage.
  • The biggest advantage credit cards offer is the “credit.” You don’t need to have instant money to gamble, unlike debit cards.
  • You can choose to play at any Mastercard casino sites with large amounts of money. You can choose to pay back Mastercard on your terms – monthly, weekly. It’s very convenient.


Here comes the tricky part:

  • No matter what people say, the security details of all online transactions are a bit sketchy, unlike handing out cash. Mastercard transactions are prone to hacking.
  • Privacy angle has to be considered as you need to give a lot of personal and financial details to Mastercard while registering.
  • A lot of casinos doesn’t allow withdrawals if you’re using Mastercard.
  • You also need to pay interest and sometimes, charges on transactions.

My Experience

The last point mentioned above rings true in my case. I once withdrew cash against my Mastercard after winning at a casino and was charged a hefty interest. And unlike the grace period that you get with purchases, borrowing cash doesn’t come with one. So, this could be a bad idea as a lot of people get trapped in a vicious debt cycle due to the easy money options offered.


There are always two sides to a coin. Mastercard offers a lot of convenience with its universally accepted status as a payment provider. But, you also need to be careful of falling into a debt trap. Always do your groundwork on any hidden “bullet points” in the terms and conditions.

Wellington, New Zealand